pysm.apply_smoothing_and_coord_transform(input_map, fwhm=None, rot=None, lmax=None, map_dist=None)[source] [edit on github]

Apply smoothing and coordinate rotation to an input map

it applies the healpy.smoothing Gaussian smoothing kernel if map_dist is None, otherwise applies distributed smoothing with libsharp. In the distributed case, no rotation is supported.

input_map : ndarray

Input map, of shape (3, npix) This is assumed to have no beam at this point, as the simulated small scale tempatle on which the simulations are based have no beam.

fwhm : astropy.units.Quantity

Full width at half-maximum, defining the Gaussian kernels to be applied.

rot: hp.Rotator

Apply a coordinate rotation give a healpy Rotator, e.g. if the inputs are in Galactic, hp.Rotator(coord=("G", "C")) rotates to Equatorial

smoothed_map : np.ndarray

Array containing the smoothed sky