class pysm3.MapDistribution(pixel_indices=None, mpi_comm=None, nside=None, smoothing_lmax=None)[source] [edit on github]

Bases: object

Define how a map is distributed

In a serial environment, this is only useful if you want to generate a partial sky, pass an array pixel_indices with the indices in RING ordering.

in a MPI environment, pass a mpi4py communicator and the desired \(\ell_{max}\) for smoothing and this class will create a ring-based distribution suitable for smoothing with libsharp.

pixel_indicesndarray of integers

Subset of pixels that should be used in RING ordering

mpi_comm: object

MPI communicator object (optional, default=None).

nside: int

Resolution parameter at which this model is to be calculated.


\(\ell_{max}\) for the smoothing step, by default \(3*N_{side}-1\)